Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Shouting of Soup

Another all-nighter coming up for me. Sluggie's cooking her woofies tonight. I lucked out, considering that with 4 kids, I'm only pulling 3 all-nighters. (First night was a twofer.) It's really not a big deal for me, though, since I'm a night owl anyway. I'm finding I really enjoy the solitude - kind of a mini-vacation as it were, except every now and then I leave my spot to pat a back and dump and rinse the chunder bucket, LOL!

I guess it's just me and the Phantom again tonight. How tragic. ;o)

Tomorrow's Wednesday, which I love because that's a free day. Also, I get to cancel my dentist appointment. :oP Just a routine cleaning, but never really a party, YK? I never have cavities, though, thanks to my mom who was strict, strict, strict about brushing and the habit still stays with me.

It is super windy out there tonight. Here's hoping the giant oak doesn't come crashing through the roof and take me out.

I'm ready for my red belt test on Saturday. John needs to cram a bit more and he'll be ready, too. Prawn will test for yellow next month, just 4 days before her 4th b-day.

I've got more writing to do. Blogging is sort of my daily warm-up for writing. Sometimes I get sucked in too far, though.

And now, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik:

Nope, can't do it. I can't bring myself to defile the "Music of the Night" lyrics for this evening's barf-a-thon. Score: Candace:1, Andrew Lloyd Weber: 1 ;o)

And you know what? Mr. Weber should be darned proud of that because what with the whole "Music of the Night" theme and the use of the word "purge," this song could have become the anthem of midnight soup shouters if I could just bring myself to do it.

'Night Y'all. I'll still be up when you come wandering over.

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