Sunday, November 20, 2005


OK, time for a little shameless promption of my sister's Celtic singing group, Navan. I've added the link to my right-hand sidebar as well. If you know anyone who loves Celtic music, their CDs would make AWESOME Christmas presents! For fans who want a bit of a scoop, they're recording #3 now.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled post. . .

We did some brainstorming about the film on the drive up to the BX and back - locations, continuity issues, changing a scene and adding another. It's good to be moving forward.

F-16s were flying at Selfridge today. It was good to see those again. (I used to fix them in the Air Guard.) I hear they're swapping their 16s out for A-10s. That will be cool! (used to fix Warthogs before our unit got F-16s)

The Prawn can eat with chopsticks really well! Not yet 4 and she can handle the kwai-dze. I'm impressed! She can pick up chunks, and everything. She's been doing it for a while now, but I didn't think to mention it. Silly me.

I got even smaller jeans at the BX today. Yep - size 6 and they fit with no problems at all. I'm keeping the 8s to wear with long undies when I play in the snow. Yes, I still play in the snow. I keep telling you all I'm just a big kid. It's true!

Sheila, what day are y'all heading to Boston? Maybe we can drive over and hear you sing. Vanya says it's expensive there, though, so maybe not. Sigh. I miss you! I don't know when I'll see you again. This is crazy! The younglings are getting so big you'll barely rocognise them. I'm letting Gogo's hair grow a bit long (compared to his usual buzz.) Should I let it go to Anakin length? We actually have to brush it now, LOL!

Sluggie ratcheted her sparring up yet another notch. She gave her arch nemesis a real run for his money on Saturday. (They're good friends but he's the only real match for her at sparring nowdays, and it's fierce competition.) Mollusc brought a much better game to the ring, too. She's cutting back on the hopping and really walloped her 2nd opponent. Gogo continues to do well. He's not a natural, but he tries hard, which I really respect. Hopefully, Prawn will get to start soon.

John and I get to spar again tomorrow night. It seems like a long time since we've sparred due to all the illness. In reality, I think it's been about a week. Wow! Tomorrow will be our first class as red belts. *grin* (yeah - still fired up about that) We rarely get to spar each other, though.

Well, I think I busted through my writer's block, and I need to go make sure. . .

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