Sunday, November 06, 2005

Zero Amazing Insights

Sigh. The story of my life ;o)

Writing's going well. Time to start firing stuff off to publishers. I still have a story out there that I should be hearing back about soon. (prepares self for thin envelope with the inevitable rejection letter)

John made a fabulous supper last night. I told him we need to have it for Thanksgiving (I don't like turkey.) The house still smelled fabulous this morning. He made pork chops that were baked in a carmelized onion/balsamic vinegar sauce with sliced red and yellow peppers. There was fresh rosemary in there somewhere (yum - I love fresh rosemary!) He also made new potatoes that were seasoned with fresh thyme and rosemary, salt and pepper. Oh yum, yum, yum! I'm hungry again just thinking about it.

I've been making tom kar gai lately but sans the gai, so I guess it's just tom. I do plain rice noodles for filler and it's a super quick and easy lunch or snack. All the kids like it, but Mollusc has been begging for dofu in it, so I got some so we can do another batch this week.

It's been unseasonably warm for November in Michigan. Can't say I have a problem with that!

On the swimming front, Prawn has learned to float on her back. Hooray! And Fishy can get down to the bottom and skim along it now. He actually banged his chin on the bottomof the pool on Wednesday night. He never used to be able to get down that far. He's doing pretty well on swimming with his head out of the water now, though he's still the most trepidatioous of the lot. Prawn can swim and come up for air and keep going. She can also tread water, which is handy. She's learned the jumping for air emergency trick, so that's something of a relief, too, though she needs some more practice, still.

We cleaned out the bathroom today and it's rather empty and echo-y now - a bit disconcerting, actually. I guess we need some kind of arras in there now as a sound absorber. Maybe I can get a nice tapestry of Berek Halfhand. ;o) (see Thos Covenant books)

Last night we watched Lolita. I've always had a thing for Jeremy Irons. :o) I thought it was well done. Tonight is Maybe Baby (Hugh Laurie) and tomorrow should be Mostly Martha (in German, original title Bella Martha.)

Tomorrow Sluggie does her Mommy's Helper thing and whne she gets back we're going to the homeschool group bowling - um - thing. They do it the first Monday of every month and friends are going so we said we'd meet them there.

I got a call from another friend who wanted to give my # to a friend of hers who's going to start homeschooling her son. Lately I'm the homeschooling answer mama. I guess I didn't mention that I've been gathering info for another mom at TKD who plans to hs one of her daughters in one or two subjects, possibly more. And a mom I've been talking to at the grocery store (she works there part time) about hsing has pulled her son as well. 'Tis the season, I guess. Kids have been in school long enough by this time of year that parents realise it's not going to get any better. I'm really glad we were blessed enough to have the opportunity to make our decision so long ago, and that the right set of circumstances was in place to lead us down this path.

We watched the first Star Trek movie with the kids tonight. I'd forgotten how incredibly slow-moving it is - almost 2001-ish (but not quite that painful.) I wonder if number 2 is like that as well. John says he remembers the even numbered ones as being better than the odd numbered ones.

I'm making big progress on a massive re-organising effort. Whew! Now I need to get down to the used bookstore in Brighton and take in a load of books!

Please feel more than free to add some Amazing Insights to this post!


Robin said...

Hey Candace! Long time no see.

What sort of stuff are you writing?

Hope everyone feels better soon.

Candace said...

Hey Robin!! Yeah, bascially my computer time is now spent Blogging and writing. I'm still writing kids' books (none published yet) and have recently branched out into adult stuff - short stories so far, though I may feel a novel coming on. :o)

I miss the Swappies but rarely have the time to go there anymore. I hardly even get to Amitymama nowdays. I seem to be able to do only one creative thing at a time, and now that I'm writing a lot, sewing and scrapping have fallen by the wayside for a while.

Are you still on the Swap? I just recently posted about my new POTO obession over there (and my new lyrics for Past The Point of No Return) - got nostalgic for the old haiku fests. :)

How's your House of Testosterone? I hope your big man and all your little ones are all doing well. :)

Robin said...

Yeah, I still go to the Swap. Seeing your post on POTO is what reminded me of your blog in the first place.

I'm also writing a lot--first book (self-) published this year, 3 more in the works. All non-fiction though, mostly homeschool/science stuff.

House of Testosterone is getting even more testosterone laden--Oldest is 13 & shooting up like bamboo (5 inches in the last 8 months), getting "new and improved" deep voice, etc. The joys of puberty!! :-)

Big Man still out of work. Getting depressed, thinking no one will ever hire him again. *sigh* Oh well...

We're surviving though.

Candace said...

Wow - that's awesome about your books!

I can't believe P is that old already! I have him frozen at 9 in teh picture in my head.

If you get desperate about a job for your dh, LMK. I think John can put him on to somthing out here. Not that you want to live in MI, LOL! I have to say it's beautiful here, though and we've met a LOT of great people. Where I live is to Detroit as Dublin was to Oakland or San Francisco - you wouldn't even have known it was there if you didn't drive over the hills. Same here - no city junk, just a nice little friendly town, but if we want to hit some of the city stuff, it's readily availbale.