Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Candace May or May Not Need

This is goofy but entertaining. Type "(yourname) needs" into Google and check out the top results. Here are mine:

Candace needs a firm, consistent hand that will establish the house rules and enforce them. (*ouch* LOL!)
Candace needs to ‘come out’ with the truth that homosexuality is dangerous, and to tell homosexuals that they do not have to live that way,” (I did NOT say that!)
Candace needs to try to sell the house ASAP (No!)
Candace needs to get Rich numbers for funding. (eh?)
Candace needs to take slow, deep breaths with each position.(sometimes that's just not possible when the heart is pumping. . .)
Candace needs info on National Accounts for in-flight advertising (um, OK)
Candace needs to stay a little more true to friendship while drinking (that's not true, bitch!)
Candace needs to rehash the situation over and over anddraws a helpless looking mother presiding over a burning kitchen. ... (odd. . .)
Candace Needs a home with no kids under 12 and an owner with previous Dog experience (well that doesn't work!)
Candace needs her knight in shining armor to come riding in from England. Pronto! (nyuck nyuck OK, I may be obsessed with many things English, but I didn't write any of this, I swear!)
Candace needs to be at this induction and cause some trouble (a birth induction, or. . .?)
Candace needs to send an email to Anika (I think I knew an Anika in High school. . .)
Candace needs a music blog (OK, maybe)
Candace needs rest (definitely! but there's no time!)
Candace needs to be fleshed out so she doesn't appear so one-note and villanous. (argh!)

Here's what I really need. Candace needs The Phantom of the Opera" to have a different ending! Am I the only one rooting for the phantom here? Sigh. Pretty hot movie, stirring music, (amazing, lovely, compelling music - DO I need a music blog?) amazing sets and effects, but such an unsatisfying ending. :o( Please, please tell me in the comments that you were rooting for him, too!

Candace also needs some of the sheet music for the play. By an odd coincidence I brought back a book of TPOTO music to a friend at TKD today because his sis had left it at our house and at the same time another TKD mom gave me the TPOTO movie to watch. Now that I've seen it, I want to play the music. Argh!

I had a hard time believing that Gerard Butler was the phantom. The Tomb Raider II guy?? The Dear Frankie guy?? Wow. He looked so different. And he didn't sing before this film? Wow again!

What's with the whole "keep your hand at the level of your eyes" thing? Guess I'll have to read the book.

Saw Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels last night. How very confusing. I tried to describe it to 2 friends today and just had to give up.

I read an interview with Pierce Brosnan in - a magazine ;o) - and he seems a very decent sort of guy. Too bad he had to do such a PC Bond. It would've been fun if they'd let him do what he'd have preferred.

We went to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum today. After getting lost a bit, we finally got there and had a great time. Am I the only parent who still acts like a kid? Maybe Candace needs to Grow Up. But that would be no fun, I tell you, no fun at all. So we pretended to ride in/drive the ambulance, get hit by the ambulance, tried like heck to balance on that stupid, wobbly platform thinggy, did fake news and weather broadcasts and had a blast with the green screen and making parts of ourselves invisible with the green cloths. We built arches, played in the old-time store, made gigantic bubbles around ourselves, used toasters to send a hot air balloon up, checked our strength and reaction times (a bulb was burnt out, I swear!) and pedaled furiously on the stationary bike, played with the Dragon Bowl (Sluggie always gets it to work, and I never can), played in the water, unloaded the moving van into the model house (through windows and doors only) and then re-loaded the van (almost got it all in there - they had to leave the fridge behind) tried to figure out where the missing leprechaun gets to, and did all kinds of other things. WHEW!

We got lost a bit on the way home. Thank goodness for that map book is all I can say. Bloody Ann Arbor has so many one way streets that you can never get back where you came from by going the same way. Grrr!

My hips were kind of on strike tonight at TKD and I'm not sure why. They were OK for kicking, but during warm ups things just weren't quite right. Oh yeah - we got our green tips tonight - ready to test for red belt the weekend after this! And swimming tomorrow! Yay!!

Gotta go work on those slow, deep breaths! ;o)

Bong sewer!

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