Monday, November 14, 2005


It's 6:10 am. I've slept for a total of about 40 minutes - something like 18 mins, 15 mins and a few extras. Fishy is the one vomiting now. He started - well, it's all a blur. Maybe around 11:30 pm. When I looked at my last post, I couldn't remember when I'd made it until I looked at the date.

On the other hand, I've had some fantastic music to keep me going through my vigil. I watched POTO again, turning off the volume and synching up with the minidisc. Not bad! I was able to crank it in my earphones while the rest of the house slept. I finally knew it was time to go to sleep when Fishy had tapered off on frequency and my story was going to get really weird due to half-waking thoughts being very convoluted and strange. I've gotten a lot of writing done, too.

Fishy is going through an alarming number of undies. I've just thrown in a load of wash so he'll have more. I hope it doesn't wake anyone. Oh, argh! Gotta go turn off the buzzer to make sure!

We're revolving slowly towards the sun - kinda pretty. What a messed up day I'm going to have. I don't really want the night to end. I just want it to be longer and to be able to grab some sleep. Every time I get up to help Fishy, I seem to pop wide awake. Just my brain's way of relishing a bit of silence, perhaps. Ugh - I have to call to cancel Sluggie's Mommy Helper appointment - or at least to warn them off about the illness in our family. I also have to cancel Trillian's vet appointment. And so much for homeschool story hour at the library at 1:00. Bummer. Not so much the missing story hour part, more the missing the other hsers part. Next time, perhaps.

I'm going to have this POTO soundtrack memorized soon, LOL! OK, I already have a lot stuck in my head.

The laundry room window is still open a bit and it's shockingly warm out. November in Michigan. Can it be so? Pinch me, someone.

The sunrise is coordinating nicely with the POTO music. How thoughtful. Reminds me of The Phantom Tollbooth, where Milo takes over directing the sunrise. Is that a weird coincidence thing? I only recalled that it was the "Phantom" tollbooth as I searched my brain for the title to type.

Down once more to the dungeons of my black despair
Down we plunge to the prison of my mind
Down that path into darkness deep as hell. . .

OK that didn't match so well. How could anyone not love this stuff? And what's with the "keep your hand at the level of your eye" thing? Obviously I still need to find the book.

I feel surprisingly awake for the amount of pure rambling I'm doing. Wide awake, in fact. Through the windows by the front door, I can see bands of grey descending down into blue, cream and orange. The stars are slowly winking out. I so don't want it to be morning. I think I am more suited to be a creature of the night.

So, what other amazing plays have I missed out on? I guess first off, I need to get a copy of everything Andrew Lloyd Weber has ever done. It would be a start.

20 minutes to seven and the sky continues to lighten. I feel a bit of let's-watch-the-Sound-of-Music-while-Mama-sleeps coming on today. Sluggie has watched some of POTO and adores it. Not sure I should let her see the whole thing, though. There are bits, you know? It is the sort of thing she likes though. So young and she adores love stories already. That's how I was, too. I have great memories of watching Doris Day and Rock Hudson or Cary Grant movies with my mom at her age.

Ahhh, the music rises and swells and the sun continues its graceful mount into the sky. It's not long now til the alarm goes off for John. Will it be easier to make my phone calls if I stay awake or go to sleep? I have a hunch it's the former. I also have a hunch I'll drop off minutes before I need to get up and make those calls.

What'll we do for class tonight? We'll prolly have to go in shifts. John can go tonight and I can go tomorrow or vice versa. So much for sparring. Bummer. OTOH I have remarkably few bruises right now, LOL! Maybe it's just as well to miss on the week before testing. Wouldn't want to roll an ankle or something. Ugh.

Hmmm - "It's over now, the music of the night" and the sky is paling, the orange rising up to the level of the rooftop across the street now. How poetic. Hope my battery can hold out a bit longer.

Could it be that I'm really a morning person and just need to start my mornings on the previous night? I doubt it.

Too much rambling, not enough writing. Ta ta

And I'm back! Can it be? Jeeves AND Weber?? Though they ought to proofread their sight - er, um, site, LOL!

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