Monday, November 28, 2005

Good wine

Good wine, good friends, good fun. Sheila, the only thing missing is you. I can't believe how much it sucks living away from family. Life is great. BUT. . . Sigh.

Is it possible to have it all? Dunno. I think I did for a while there.

OTOH it is so great here. We've met some awesome people, are hooked up with an awesome TKD gym, have awesome scenery. She - how the heck can I get you to move here?

Colour me tipsy and nostalgic, I guess. Or more accurately, colour me bluntly honest.

E - any chance of Navan coming this way? Tell my sis you guys need to move here to MI, OK? There's plenty of Celtic stuff going on 'round here. (I think. . .) Prolly more than in Madison at any rate. There has to be.

Sigh. It's good (and maybe unusual?) for sisters to get along so well, but it sure hurts to be apart.

Back to the writing. I guess I'll take out my sorrows on my sparring partners tomorrow. Feels like I haven't sparred in forever since the gym was closed on Thursday. The weird thing is, it's always a little scary until I get started, and then it's just fun. Isn't that strange? I think so. I can anticipate it with eagerness, and then after class, when sparring starts, I go sit with everyone and wait to get called up and I can't believe how nervous I am -- how trepidatious. But once we're out there and we've bowed -- once Master Han says "Choon be!" and we're in fighting stance, wow! It's just fun. I don't have time to think much or be nervous. It's just looking for an opening, dodging back or blocking, planning a (hopefully) devastating series of kicks. No time to think. Very weird. And then, when he says "Go man!" (stop) I'm always bummed. (what? over so soon?) I used to be grateful that it was time to breathe, but now that my endurance is so much better, it's just a bummer when we have to quit. " 'Odd,' said Mabel. 'Very odd.' " (See Duckat.)

Tell me about Burns, She. How's it going? Waiting on that book still, I suppose. I'll get into the one I've got here tomorrow, but it's not in Gaelic. Still. . . Tell me the name of that Gaelic one so I can put it on hold, eh? I assume it was translated. He didn't do anything in Gaelic as far as I know (which, frankly, isn't a lot I guess. At least I'm honest.)

Send me my bit when you have it. *cheesy grin*

Oh - hey - keep meaning to ask you. Can we use some of your stuff in our indie film if it works out? There may be a scene where Navan music is just perfect. You can email me.

Aw stink. The Prawn's up. 'Night. . .

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