Thursday, November 03, 2005

"I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays."

My sister sent me this bizarrely funny site. It's a must see if you have cats.

Today I've hardly gotten anything accomplished. I taught the Little Kid class this morning. We had a cute little guy come in that was 3.5 years old and actually listened extremely well for his age. He tried hard in the races and was pretty physically advanced for a boy, in my opinion. I think he's signing up, which will be a great addition to the class. I gave tips to two little white belt boys today, who were very pleased and proud.

After that we stopped by the vet to borrow her copy of The Hobbit on CD. It's a great version! I like it a LOT better than the half-dramatised one we got from the library.

Once home, we did lunch, then launched to the library and didn't get home until about 3:30. The kids made thank you cards for our mail carrier (who gave them each a big treak-or-treat bag in the mailbox for Hallowe'en) and then John got home early, shortly after we got here.

At that point I fired up the computer and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Last night was a rough night - Prawn had been coughing a lot. It's weird cuz she hardly coughs during the day and when she coughs at night, there's hardly anything to cough up, but she coughs incessantly once she gets started. It always happens when her cough syrup blows out and it takes a while for the next dose to kick in. Sigh. I was wiped out. She seems fine of course, today, though maybe she'll pass out on the way to class tonight.

We have class and sparring tonight. Hopefully I'll be a bit more perky from my nap, LOL! I kinda hope he just gives us sparring drills instead of actual sparring. But then, every time we spar I have so much fun I don't want to stop. Go figure. . .

Trillian lost a tooth last night. We had seen the 2 fangs in the same spot and I'd found that one was loose. It was still there in the morning, but by evening it was gone. The wretched tooth fairy did NOT come in the night to leave her anything. She has double fangs on both sides on top, so I'm sure she'll be losing those soon as well.

Now that I've warmed up my fingers, I'm off to get some writing accomplished.

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