Monday, November 28, 2005

Indian Summer

This is SO weird. The snow melted (actually I think it mostly sublimated) yesterday and today it's BALMY! I've actually cracked open a window in the living room. Yes - the same one I block off with couch cushions. I know - I prolly could get the same breeze if I left it shut, but this way I get more of the fresh air smell. ;o)

I made it through the night. We watched Bionicle 2 and then the Croc Hunter movie (FARAMIR - woo hoo!) I was awake til 4 then slept til 9. Not too bad!

Today I have Josh Groban's Alla Luce Del Sole on loop. What? No POTO? Fear not. I'm saving that for later. ;o) No doubt that will loop for the rest of the day. Actually, I'll likely loop the Beowulf music for a while as well. That's great writing music.

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