Monday, November 28, 2005

Well, Stink!

Nah - it's not so bad. John needed to sleep, and I didn't, so the timing is pretty decent.

Young Prawn is up and barking like a seal. Not croup, thank Heavens. It's just like this for her when she's first getting a cold. Jeepers, you'd think we'd've had our fill what with a cold and then The Plague. But, no, now another cold rears its ugly, misshapen head. Mollusc was getting it first, but I thought she was just having a relapse. She's prone to getting stuff worse than anyone else. But, no. It's yet another illness.

On the other hand, the Christmas tree is lit up, I'm wide awake, and The Prawn and I are snuggled in a nest on the couch watching Bionicle 2. *grin* OK, things could be a lot worse. :) It's slightly reminiscent of Prawn's birth. Just a quiet moment in front of the Christmas tree. That was really a lovely birth. Lying there between the warm fireplace and the Christmas tree, and welcoming my fourth child into my arms in the comfort of our living room. Too bad more people aren't educated in the joys of homebirth.

Well, I guess I'm going to make the most of my time and keep hacking away on my novel. :)

Movie of the day: Double Jeopardy - REALLY good!

Music of the day: Minidisc mix, POTO (several times) and Genticorum.

Tip of the day: Even a little plastic bowl can shatter a Corelle bowl if it torpedoes it from about 18". (who'da thunkit??)

Horoscope of the Day: Green frisbees signal bad news for you today. Also, an unknown dog will eat half of your lunch. Fire, while fun to play with, can be damaging. Avoid.

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