Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Suspicor Fatum Nos Voluisse Diversos

"I guess fate wanted us to part."

I've renamed my blog. I really do nothing with my business right now, so it seemed a bit pointless to have a blog sort of named after it. The new title reflects more accurately on what I'm doing now - flying. Yes, somewhat a la Flylady, but also in regards to making the decision to grab life by the horns and go! It's a bit crazy, I'm busy, busy, busy, but it's great fun and I'm living on cloud 9 so I'm going to stick with it.

Sheila (oh accidental blogger) how's your blog going? It would be a wonderful way to procrastinate whilst you're supposed to be working on that brochure. . . ;o) Put me on your email list and I'll actually post comments when you post, I promise! (Feel free to do likewise here!)

CDs of the last 2 days: Peter Gabriel - Deutsche Album; Peter Gabriel - Shaking the Tree; Sting - Brand New Day; Arabic and Hindi mix from a friend, but mostly Aicha by Khaled; Chess (the Broadway musical), Baroque stuff, Disaster Area (OK maybe not)

Yep, I'm procrastinating again. These are the most fertile periods for my creative imagination. Really. . .

Here's when you start to wonder about a publishing company. See the colour of the ring on the cover of this book? Now, the whole premise is that Thomas Covenant is transported to The Land with his WHITE GOLD wedding ring. White gold does not exist in The Land and has the powers of Wild Magic. This is the basic premise of the book - that his WHITE GOLD ring makes people expect salvation from him, even though he doesn't know how to use it. So why do they picture a YELLOW GOLD ring on the cover? Sigh. Maybe it's Tor; I didn't look. Their books are always riddled with typos.

OK, no more procrastinating. Really.

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