Friday, November 25, 2005

The 60 lb Pot

We went out today in search of a large Dutch oven. I forgot it was Black Friday. (That's the Day after American Thanksgiving when there are big sales. It's the biggest shopping day in the country.) Holy stink! We parked right by the door at Kohl's, but the lines inside were wrapped around almost to the back of the store. We left.

We ended up finding what we wanted at BB&B though - a Lodge 7 qt Dutch Oven for $20 under list. It's a 60 lb pot in which you can roast several small children or one troll. Also doubles as a home security system -- simply whack your adversary in the head with it, if you can lift it.

OK, really it only weighs 16 lbs, which, frankly, shocks the stuffing out of me. It feels a lot heavier than that.

Now that we're home, the 2 bigs are sledding down the deck stairs *BUMPITY BUMPITY BUMP BUMP BUMP* Sounds like fun. They took the Killer Rabbit out to play with them. I hope he's not sledding down the stairs.

On the way to Brighton today, Fishy (6) was doing Mad Libs in the car. Every few seconds it was "I need an adjective." "I need a noun." "OK, now 2 plural nouns." "How do you spell that?" He ended up with some pretty good ones. I keep meaning to make them some custom Mad Libs - Star Wars, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, etc. Could be entertaining. Maybe I'll post some blanks here.

The Prawn (3) keeps breaking out into snatches of song from the Phantom of the Opera. It's pretty comical to hear "Da PHAN--tom of da Opewa is dair" coming from such a small person. The girl can carry a tune, though.

Today is Christmas Tree day. I can't believe it. We always put ours up on the day after Thanksgiving, but it seems so soon this time. Guess I'll have to get some hot cocoa and Christmas music going for when they're done in the snow.

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