Monday, January 02, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

Wow - a little over a week off from TKD seemed like an eternity. Tonight was different! Music and a lot of cardio stuff. Never did THAT before, LOL! (the music part) Sparring was fun as usual, though I got my left foot AGAIN on an elbow. It's never too bad at the time, but it always stiffens up as the evening wears on. Where's my arnica gel? The trade-off is that I hit the dude's hogu anyway. :o)

So here I sit with Anakin and Obi-Wan wrapped around me. Mmmm. Ok, it's a fleece blanket.

Patrick quotes, just for you, TG :o) (Rated R folks, so send the kiddies off to bed)

Patrick doesn't seem to get a lot of one-liners like Jeff. His humour is more in his reaction to the other characters.

Patrick: "I resent that. I'm perfectly capable of being friends with women without any kind of agenda."

Steve: "For how long?"

Patrick : "As long as it takes."

"Sometimes a man is faced with the right thing to do and the wrong thing... and he only misses by one."

"Hey, now look you guys, you two may have sub-consciouses, but let me tell you there's nothing going on in MY head. "

"You can't prevent death with face cream. "

There's one thing I don't get here. You've seen this woman on the train and you find her attractive, right?
Jeff: Yeah.
Patrick: And you haven't had sex with her?
Jeff: No.
Patrick: You see my problem?
Steve: Let me explain, Patrick. Here on earth, there is a gap between seeing someone you like and having sex with them that we like to call *conversation*. In Jeff's case, it can last for up to ten years.
Patrick: Are you saying I don't converse? I converse. I talk to women.
Steve: Well, do the women talk too?
Patrick: [pause] Well, they must do.

Patrick: [after announcing travel plans four minutes in advance] I was putting off telling you Sally: And? Patrick: I was successful.

Sally: I don't want Mr. Superbly, Incredibly Fantasticness, you stupid, stupid ass. I want you. Patrick: Oh, for God's sake, Sally.
Sally: What? WHAT?
Patrick: I was talking about me!
Sally: I'm sor-You're Mr. Superbly, Incredibly Whatever?
Patrick: [gesturing to self] Well, yes!

Susan: Well? Which one do you want? The left one or the right one?
Patrick: The right one. [to others] Trust me.
Susan: Why? What's wrong with the left one?
Patrick: Now, don't be like that. There has to be a second place.
Susan: Well, I wasn't aware you were judging them individually!
Patrick: You were asleep! I was bored!

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