Monday, January 23, 2006

The Shadow of Things to Come

I'm sitting here in bed with beautiful music pouring out of my laptop -- a new song by Bob (see sidebar) and my sister that she emailed me, and it's so amazing I can't describe it. And this is just the rough cut. Someday you'll get to hear it too. When a song called "Won't Ask Why" is everywhere you turn, remember that you read about it here first. Sheila, you inspire me. I'll have to race you to stardom, or at least notoriety. I'm thinking there isn't a lot of stardom in the authoring world. Thank goodness for that. I want to always be able to go into the Secret Store without making the papers. :oP When your face is too famous for that, just hand me your list. *grin*

Raising Helen was sweet, poignant and entertaining. Not one to watch over and over and over again, but definitely good.

Well, my fresh-cooked story wants out, so I'm off to spill it onto paper - or into a file if you want to get technical.


Anonymous said...

"Won't Ask Why" sounds like the complement or prequel to "Don't Know Why."

Candace said...

It does! OK, and then comes, "Still Not Askin'"

I hope you're taking notes, Sheila. :o)