Saturday, January 07, 2006


Ow. My legs and butt are so sore from class last night. The kicker (ha!) is that I know they'll be even worse tomorrow! You know how that second day is. . . Sure was good, though.

I found a new species of critter eating from our feeder:

Don't quote me on this, but I *think* it's a plesiosaur. For some reason I thought they were aquatic. And bigger. . .

Finally uploaded a pic of the bigs with Mollusc's feather display at the library. Labels are in English and Latin. Sluggie donated the blue and gold macaw feather and helped arrange things:

Equal time rules bring a pic of Gogo doing his math:

and The Prawn doing some letter matching (caps to lowercase):

That should help to make for a Happy Auntie, eh, Sheila?

The Count of Monte Cristo

This got off to a slow start, IMO. Well, maybe it was a slow 2nd 4th. Anyway, once Edmond got out of Chateau d'If, things got a lot more entertaining. Elizabeth, Anna's choreography was lovely. I wish there had been more of the dancing in the film. I'm curious about why the men have their right hands on their own hips rather than touching their partner. Was that a common style back then? Was that Anna's choice? It's marvellous for what's going on in the story at the time, with the main characters literally "dancing" around the issue of the Count's identity - unsure, not quite grounded. The fact that they are only touching with one hand gives a sense of non-balance and uneasiness that is, I'm sure, what Mercedes is meant to be feeling. Brava!

Overall, the story has some slow moments, but is enjoyable, especially (as mentioned before) after Edmond escapes from d'If, though the Abbe character at d'If (Richard Harris) is great. I just feel that the d'If part is dragged out a bit. I do understand we're meant to feel he's been there a looooong time, though, so maybe that's necessary. There was *nearly* a Star Wars moment during a sword fight, where the words "I am your father" needed desperately to be uttered, but alas.

I need to read some actual books again - keep getting sucked into online stuff. :oP Look for book reviews soon.

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