Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gung Hay Fat Choi!

Lysee dow leui!!! Today for the first time in - um, ever - I have real lysee packets for the kids instead of having to fabricate them out of red construction paper.

Happy year of the dog all y'all! I will probably make Tangyuan but maybe not. . . So committed aren't I? To tell the truth, I don't remember doing anything special in Hong Kong other than lysee packets. Maybe firecrackers - yeah, probably firecrackers. Oh and the Dragon Dance/Lion Dance. I remember the Lantern Festival more, though. Looks like the Tangyuan should really wait until the 15th day anyway, so maybe just cookies tonight, LOL!

Went to Target hoping to get a swimsuit among other things (mine's getting too stretched out/floopy- the hazard of swimming once a week!) and all they had were atrocious I-can't-believe-anyone-would-pay-for-this-crap suits. O.M.G. I have never - with the exception of photographs from the 60s and 70s - seen anything so horrendous. They went the whole 9 yards, too; rather than limiting it to one category of hideosity such as cut OR print OR colour, they chose to do their worst in all 3 categories. Holy stink! So I tried Warmart and the only ones they had were in the really big people section, but they, too, were hideous, so I doubt that their non-mumu suits would have been an improvement. Women's clothing is hard to figure out anyway. You have Misses - regular grown up clothes for girls with hips, boobs and bums; Juniors - for those with no bums, hips or boobs; and Women's - aka big clothes. But Warmart had no Misses. They had Ladies, though. But what did Ladies mean? Was it Misses or Women's? Sigh. So I asked a fitting room attendant and she had no clue. Thankfully another one came along who did have a clue. (for the curious, Ladies=Misses at Warmart) A few mins later I passed by only to hear them still discussing the subject rather loudly. I guess #2 was educating #1 or something. Anyway, there were no suits, hideous or otherwise, in my size. Maybe I'll try T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. Do they have swimsuits? I'm serious when I say that the "fashion gurus" this year must have decided to play a colossal prank on everyone and see just what kind of crap they could get us to buy. Sorry, folks, but it's not working on me. Not until I get desperate anyway.

My other problem with this whole swimsuit thing is that I don't know what size to buy. I don't know how much of my suit's largeness is due to my shrinkage (no, not like male shrinkage - I mean cuz I've shed some more lbs) and how much is due to stretchage from chlorine. Frankly, I don't fancy trying on swimsuits even with my underwear on. You know? I know, I need to get my priorities straightened out. Somewhere in the world someone is being attacked by a vulture and I'm worried about trying on a swimsuit at the store. I guess I'll shut it now.

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