Saturday, January 21, 2006

Heroic Procrastination

Since the post below, I have spent at least an hour and a half reading Kill The Goat (no goats harmed AFAIK) and other blogs, as well as hacking into my template and monkeying with it. KTG is a scream. I will be spending a lot more time there when I should be writing.

Somebody call me. I'm in danger of opening my outline.

Oh yeah. Trillian's antibiotic is sweet. No, I didn't try it on purpose.


Bok Choi said...

Oh my, let me count the ways if mine OWN procrastination, for they are many'd and splendoured, and do abominate mine labours.

Yea, verily, I post on my sister's blog, falling thus into the pit of iniquity whence I sprang, and whence she doth yet spring, and together and of one accord do we never toil, but procrastinate in sisterly love and tarnation.

Candace said...

And even so do I verily checketh mine own blog in small yet pitiful hope that mine readers hath left comment. And when they hath left comment, do I do a stupid little dance of joy and look around in embarrassment for my name's sake. For thou art with me in mine own head and canst see all that which I perform under the sun, and I fear thine mockery, yea even thine rais-ed eyebrow and suspicions of insanity, both warranted and unwarranted. And so do I do unto the end of my days.