Saturday, January 21, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

Well, that right there is going to draw Googlers, but I had nothing better to call it unless I felt like playing the game I was playing on Marcus's blog. *evil grin*

In an outstanding feat of further procrastination, I clicked some yahoo film links, none of which are worthy of mention except for Brokeback Mountain. This is one I was curious about because even in my news void, I've heard of it. Reading the reviews sparked several thoughts and observations:

1) People either loved it or hated it. Very, very little middle ground here.

2) Most of the reviews by men were prefaced by "I'm straight," or variations thereof. *giggle*

3) I don't plan to see this film. Why? Because it looks like a real downer, and if you've read ANY of my movie likes and dislikes (aka rantings,) you'll know I hate downers. Never saw Titanic (we ALL know the boat's going down, so what's the point?) and have no desire to see it. Ask my sis about the email I sent her after watching Beyond Borders last night. On second thought, it might be better if you didn't.

4) What if it makes me want to be a gay man? ;o)

5) What about the gay issue? Surely you can humour us and say you don't want to see it because you're a repressed, van-driving, married, ex-military, religious, rom-com-loving, American, white, sci-fi-geek, cheese-loving, procrastinating, marshmallow-eating, raccoon-humouring, non-communist, child-birthing, homeschooling, book-reading, ex-sword-wielding, snake-licking (how'd that get there?), non-corporate-job-holding, straight female with no known disabilities. Hmmm. While I really don't like to watch men kiss each other on screen or in real life, I also don't like to watch heteros going at it in real life. Heteros on film are fine (well, with definite exceptions, LOL!) If that makes me a hypocrite, then tough rocks. I don't pretend to understand it. Strangely enough, most people who haven't discussed it with me will be shocked to hear that I have no problem with gay marriage. Go figure. But the kissing is not what's keeping me away from the film. I can peek through my fingers and squirm uncomfortably during those scenes if necessary; it's the thoroughly depressing content matter that's keeping me away. And the whole Western thing - just not my bag, Man. That was confirmed by Legends of the Fall (aka The Film Where Everyone Dies.)

On a related note (or not) I understand a little more how ancient civilizations can come to be buried so far below the surface. Yesterday when I was planting tulips around the oak tree, I unearthed a bunch of clay pigeon shards and a couple of spent shotgun shells. The shards are still bright orange and can't be terribly old, but they were several inches under the surface.

A funny word just occurred to me: Hetero Sapiens. So I Googled it and I am the next-to last person on the planet to have thought of that. I think they're sending me a plaque or something. The Penultimate Plaque, as it were. I think I have earned a Procrastinator's Plaque today as well.


Bok Choi said...

Oh no, my dear woman, I think not! That would be I. It was five hours--FIVE HOURS--before I even had the courtesy to OPEN THE DOCUMENT!!! My entire day was to be devoted to the project, you see. Five hours. I win. And I beat you making my bed.

Candace said...

HAHAHAHHA!! OK, maybe you win. (dammit!) Maybe. You definitely win on the bed thing, cuz I never went back in and made it after my last late riser finally crawled out of my bed. (there were 3 others in there when I left it) Oh oh oh!! That means I win the bedmaking procrastination! HA! **cheesy and throughly embarrassing victory dance** Uh huh, uh huh, I win, uh huh! **trips and falls and does NOT miss the ground** ahem. . .

I've only written 447 words today if you don't count the outline and brainstorming garbage. Sigh.

I think I need to bake something. Preferably with chocolate and sugar. And open a bottle of wine.