Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Green Grow the Rushes-O

It rained a bit today and everything is green. It's like winter in California. Weird. Didn't even feel like we needed jackets today. In fact, Fishy forgot to put one on when we went to sparring.

We did some new stuff in Little Kid class and had a new student - cute little guy who is not yet 4 and pretty athletic for his age. Everyone had a good time. The Master is changing the format a little and I think it's going to be great.

I got a vicious spinning-back-kick in the left bum cheek at sparring last night. I thought it was fine when I got up and showered this morning, but after running around and warming up with the little kids, I was feeling it bigtime. I think I was listing to starboard when I sat after that. I hope I at least get a bruise for that kind of abuse, LOL! Preferably somthing in a nice violet. Other than that, no big effects from our strange class other than outside lower calf muscle soreness from all the extra horseriding stance stuff. My quads are fine with that now. A year and a half or two years ago and I'd barely be able to walk today, not to mention tomorrow. :o)

The littles - Prawn and friend - played tag-team weeping at sparring. Not cuz they got hurt, but because of various bouts of mental anguish, LOL! They never really got around to actually sparring. Fishy had a good night, as did Mollusc and Sluggie. Prawn fell asleep on the way home (about a 7 minute trip, LOL!)

Swapped emotion-laden song lyrics with Sheila. Hers are more inspired. :o) Oh - gotta mail you my stories, She. You don't mind proofing, do you? ;o)

Jeff is still my hero:

'She didn't really have a miniature guillotine you know. I'm sure she was making that up'

'What are you talking about?! She thinks I'm a cupboard loiterer'

'I'm nearly thirty you know. I'm not 15. By now I should be able to talk to a woman without accidentally saying "nipples" or "gusset". Or, or, "Did you know you can make candles out of human fat"' (for some reason, this reminds me of meeting Ed Gein, even though he was nothing like that)

'Stockings are real. I've seen them'

"No, I don't talk to women when they're emotional. They're allowed to slap you."Steve: What over the phone?"She'll remember for the next time. Women remember Steve. It's like they've got minds of their own."

"You've never withheld your number?"Steve: Well why would I?"Oh, you know...purposes."

Did I ever mention that I discovered the mystery of who does Jeff's lines? It's all Steven Moffat, creator of Coupling. Brilliant! I guess that makes Steven my hero. :o)

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