Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Photo Essay Time Again

Ever feel like you're being watched? (Hey - I can rip off Bradley's Blue Day book, LOL! I slept in his bed for a week - or was it one of his sisters'? I dunno. We knew his family in Hong Kong and traded houses for a week - the church's idea of a "vacation" for our families, LOL! I remember that their toaster threw the toast on the floor every time it popped up, and my sister and I would laugh hysterically!)

aka The Invasion of the Giant Freaky Cats

You talkin' to me?

You bore me. Go away quickly.

I wonder what she'd do if I suddenly launched at her face??

The Secret Kitten

The Not-So-Secret Kitten

Scones! We just made them. They're warm and biscuity. (like American biscuits, not English ones) I don't think I've ever had a scone before, so I don't know if they came out right or not. For the second batch we ran out of oats with about 1/4 cup left to go, so I used "Crispy Rice" cereal. No problem! Probably cuz I don't know what a scone is supposed to be like. . . We used chocolate chips in batch #2. Oooooooh.

I dunno. I just found this amusing. It was lying on the office floor like this. Sometimes you think someone's calling all the shots against you, but then you realise that you're actually the luckiest person (or fleet of ships) on Earth. Ooooh. Deep.

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Bostick said...

Looks just like our Mary! holy shit man.