Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Life in a Snowglobe

Ever seen one of those snowglobes with a little house inside? Well we're living inside that house today. It's gorgeous out there:

We started on a Scotland lapbook yesterday. Mollusc printed out a Scottish flag for the Prawn to colour, and then we minted a bunch of Scottish money:

I found a great resource for kids: Electric Scotland
but steel yourself, cuz I found it a bit startling when the electric bagpipe music started.

We're hoping to find people to host a Flat (mascot - haven't decided on him yet) - like Flat Stanley - in Scotland, England and Ireland, since we'll be studying those countries. Anyone reading this want to apply? We'll gladly host a Flat Someone in exchange. :)

It's my week to send a card (we're doing a card train - someone sends a card every week) to an online friend who lost her husband to cancer, but I suck at cards. So instead I made her a Psalm 23 bracelet:

and I tucked in 2 Navan CDs. I know it's ironic to be a writer who sucks at cards, but there you are. I did write a letter, just so you don't think I'm completely gauche. It's still very hard, emotionally, for me to face this and I can't even imagine how she and the kids are feeling. I pray for them a lot.

More later. . .


Elizabeth said...

Very pretty snowglobe you have there! Here, we just have more of the same except finally with a dose of sunshine. I realized the one thing that would make blogger happier for me - the thing like you have on forums where you can get notified if someone else leaves a reply to a comment you left on someone else's blog! (ok, that felt like really warped English, but you get where I'm going) I get my nice emails if someone leaves a comment on my blog, but never know if someone has replied to a comment I left on someone else's blog. Sigh. So close. Anyway, I upgraded my comments as much as I could for now so they expand instead of doing the popup thing. Fun!

Oooh, and i finally got Zicam (thank you, Community Pharmacy). It may be too far into the cold now for it to really work, but even if it's just a placebo, I feel better this afternoon than I did this morning! (or maybe I'm just getting over it) Babble babble.

Candace said...

Oh - that would be a GREAT feature! Do they have a suggestion email box? I would love that feature. :o)

Glad you got your Zicam! It can't hurt. I think it will still lessen the severity and duration even if it's too late to head it off. I think I kicked my cold's butt! yay! There's just a wee bit of tapering off going on.

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