Friday, January 20, 2006

Gardening Week?

The thing about living in a tiny town is that you see people you actually know. That's weird, but pretty cool. So the other day, I saw 3 different people I knew, 1 of whom is a Master Gardener and who endowed 548 bulbs and corms on me for free with the stipulation that I would actually plant them. :o) She had picked them up at Walmart for 2 cents per bag. :-O So 18 cents would have covered the $90.00 worth of bulbs she gave me. Wow! I planted them all today, which seems a bit odd since it's mid January, but I'm not complaining.

Tonight it's supposed to snow 4-7". You never know with the weather guessers, though. Friends are coming for dinner but they may want to bug-out early if the snow starts.

No red-belt class tonight since it's "Family Fun Night" at the dojang. Maybe that's just as well since my buttocks are seizing up. We worked hard in both class and sparring and had some very interesting drills. My knee was doing a lot better until we went swimming this morning. I thought swimming was supposed to be easy on your joints. Humph.

Igby Goes Down was entertaining, but definitely *dark* comedy. I think Susan Sarandon's last couple of lines (and the way she delivers them) are a riot.

I'm still laughing about Dance-Dance-Immolation. It's SO appropriate for Burning Man, LOL!

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