Sunday, January 15, 2006

Multitasking Woman

That's my new superhero name. What's yours?

OK, well actually, I'm sitting here with Phantom (laptop) blogging with my novel open in Word; fighting off a cold with tons of water, echinacea, Hyland's cold tablets, Zicam and vitamin C; helping John build a Linux monster by clicking "Yes" everytime the security window pops up, emailing my sister, conversing with John, listening to/singing along with Great Big Sea, handling children as they come up with Qs and requests and, em, breathing! OK, that's actually pretty typical. The only confusing part is when I try to use the mouse on the Linux box for the laptop (which I have done twice in 2 minutes now.)

Last night I watched Keeping the Faith for the second time ever. In spite of the fact that Edward Norton (who played one of the main characters) both produced and directed the film, I loved it. So you see, I'm not a snob about these things, but I think good movies that are produced or directed by one of the stars tend to be the exception to the rule. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see yesterday's post. Yes, it's a romantic comedy. So sue me; I'm a girl and I like those.

If you have ever used Zicam zinc oral spray you have my sympathies. I bit the bullet and used some last night and it was so nasty that I decided I'd rather get sick than use a second dose. Blecchhhhhh!! **shivers with revulsion** John was lovely and offered to get me some of the Zicam you stick up your nose last night. It's helping already.

Oh, yeah - John made the most awesome Chicken Picatta last night. Best I've ever had! (OK, first I've ever had, but DELICIOUS!) And now he's making cinammon rolls. Don't you just adore a man who can cook? I do!

It's 25 degrees (F) outside which, for the middle of January is freakin' AWESOME!! Better yet, it's supposed to get back into the 40s by midweek. Yessssss!

I'm feeling sassy which is really helpful because this is a day when football would have been on if we still had satellite, so that means creativity will be needed. I already have some ideas. . .

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