Friday, January 06, 2006


The kids only lasted an hour today. I'm not sure if it was any colder than usual, or whether it just seemed like it cuz it was so grey outside. They all ended up in the showers (the ones poolside get nice and hot if you keep running them enough), so we went to the hot tub (it's HUGE.) Didn't take long for the kids to come over and stick their feet in. Not long after that the Pool Man came to kick them out - the same guy who said they *could* put their feet in last time they came over. Go figure. He's a very by-the-rules guy. Usually pretty friendly, though. At that point we decided to pack everyone up and go home, so we all came here to hang out, eat and play and had a very laid-back day.

Sparring was a lot of fun last night and I only bruised my foot - managed to save my bum from any more vicious kicks, LOL! Next week a Red belt and up class is starting. I'm really looking forward to that! After sparring we had a big spaghetti feed - wanted to get it in before one of our TKD friends goes back to college for the next semester.

What I really need to do now is write. If all goes as planned, we'll watch Count of Monte Cristo after class tonight and I'll review it tomorrow. :)

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