Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Old Black Rum

Total serendipity today! I was looking at the CDs at the library to see if they had catalogued and shelved Navan's brown CD yet (nope, not yet unless it's already checked out - gotta check the computer) and I saw a CD called "Rant and Roar" by a group called Great Big Sea. Sounded interesting and I was looking for something a little - well, loud. You can't open the CDs until you check 'em out, so I was totally judging by the cover - OK 4 decent-looking guys, good start (I'm becoming shallower as I get older - could it be evaporation?) - and the titles. Almost put it back, reminded myself that they are *free* so grabbed it and WOW! It's a group from Newfoundland that does Celtic music and it's so much FUN! Great pace, a lot of funny stuff, very upbeat and, yes, loud. :) Check them out! If you get Rant and Roar, be sure to hang in there for the hidden track (#14.)

"My mother's making me marry Mari-mac!" :o) Everybody dance now! OK, I look pretty stupid dancing around the kitchen while this is playing, but the kids don't tease me, so who cares?

"Oh they stopped the hearse on Georgia St (?) outside some d*mn saloon. They all went in at half past 8 and staggered out at noon. They went up to the graveyard, so holy and sublime, found out when they got there, they'd left the corpse behind!"

"Because the old black rum's got ahold of me, like a dog wrapped 'round my leg. . ." sing it with me now! I may have mangled a word here or there - wish the liner notes had lyrics. I like this one cuz rum, like mead, is dangerous stuff for me. ;o)

In other news, Trillian's doing well. We took off her ridiculous Elizabethan collar and she's being a very good girl and not chewing stiches or anything.

I'm currently fighting the Fire Leech (Emmett - he likes to suck heat) for a spot in front of the fire. If I get up, I know he's going to spread out into my place. I'm getting better at the whole fire-stoking thing and now pass out with somewhat less frequency while blowing on it. ;o)

Last night we watched Wedding Crashers. Can I just say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Funny movie. :o) Gotta like Owen Wilson, and Vince Vaughn is so - tall! My Gosh - how tall is that man?!? (and funny, too.) They both tend to play the same sort of character in all their movies (that I've seen) but at least they haven't Kevin Costnered and tried to force their character into a film where he doesn't belong. Afterwards, we watched a bit with the actor commentary - I'd like to see the whole thing with both the actor commentary and director comentary. John TOTALLY called it on who should play "Chaz." No sooner had he said who it should be, than he appeared on screen. Clairvoyance, or good casting??

Making some headway on writing, so off I go. Or else I'll procrastinate and go read Marcus's and Elizabeth's blogs. Bad Writer!


Elizabeth said...

Tee hee - GBS is good fun. We (inc. She-Ra) saw them play here in Madison at the Annex a few years back. Cute in person too :-) AND they did Old Brown's Daughter for us.

Candace said...

If I was a Very Bad Person, I might ask who Old -- nope, not gonna do it. That would just be the crew chief in me trying to resurface. So instead I'm going to say -

You LUCKY DOGS!!!!! Wah! I'm so jealous!!!! I believe I am officially the last person on the planet to have heard of these guys. :oP

Well, I be jammin' now, so I'm still happy. :o)

Bok Choi said...

I stuck a Navan cd under their windshield wiper that night - wonder if they ever listened to it!


Candace said...

HAHAHA! That's cool! I wonder if they did? Did you autograph it? :o) Someone on B&G told me they're touring again - gotta check dates and venues on their site.