Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Something From Nothing

Sometimes I'm amazed at what can be made from relatively little. Coming home from TKD this morning, I couldn't think of WHAT we'd do for lunch. There's always lemon-butter pasta as an emergency back-up, but that has very little nutrition. So I dug around in the pantry and found some refried beans, found cheese and a little leftover lettuce and some salsa we'd made in the fridge and some leftover tortilla chip shards in the roundabout (it's OK - they were still in a bag!), and voila! Haystacks! Yummy. I was truly surprised when it was all assembled and we had a good-looking meal a few mins later. Well, good-looking is in the eye of the beholder, I guess, cuz after Gogo had stirred up his third batch, Prawn looked over, made a face and said, "yours looks GROSS!" I guess it did look a bit like a train wreck by then. Especially with splashes of salsa here and there. But it was yummy and nutritious.

This morning there were some random snowflakes starting while I dug for breakfast (no bread! Plus, the toaster finally died yesterday and no amount of slapping was bringing it back. No milk, no fresh or canned fruit, only 3 eggs, no sausages, blah blah blah. I think we need some groceries) and about half an hour later, the ground was white! It snowed more while we were at TKD and then it nearly all melted again. Now we're having more random snowflakes.

Prawn is jumping on Gogo's belly again and they're both laughing like crazy. Kids are amused by the strangest things. Better that than silence, though. When they're quiet, you KNOW they're up to something dastardly. Usually involving scissors. Or glue. Lots and lots of glue.


Ashira said...

I think Prawn actually said, "That looks like TRASH!" LOL! :P
O P <---------- Trilli (see the
O kitty ears?)

Poor toaster LOL! How old was that thing, anyway?
"Don't know how I got here, there must be something to it, think I need some Tylenol to work my way through it..."
Will red soda pop do? ;P
Yay! Fun with Smiley Faces!

IIIIII <----- Praying-Mantis-Like Bug
Hey, @ looks like a paperclip in... is this font Courier New? And % is really tiny... And & doesn't even look like &!
What is ` for? And \ and |? They must be for SOMETHING... OOH! Look what I can do! € MUAHAHA! Hey, there are two *s! And they do the same thing, see? **
I probably should have saved most of this Random Insanity for my blag. Blag! LOL!!! Some days I just can't type...
Happy Blogging!

Candace said...

Oh - I think you're right! Or was it "garbage?" I can't remember now.

I think we should email Great Big Sea your new lyrics. Tylenol is much better.