Thursday, January 05, 2006


Heute ist Donnerstag. Und Morgen ist Blitzentag, nein? Ok, bad Christmas pun. (boo hiss)

We've invented a new hybrid food. It's a combo of Corn Pops and Pop Tarts and it's called "Corn Pop Tarts." Mmmmm, corn flavoured Pop Tarts. Creamed do you think? Rather messy. Mollusc has also invented the complementary "Meat and Cheese" Pop Tart - "a whole meal in a pastry package." I think I shall invent the Haggis Tart. Hmmm. . . Knuckleheadlot has given rise to strange ideas.

Oh, look, there's even a picture!

Elizabeth, I didn't watch Count of Monte Cristo after all last night. We ended up watching Behind Enemy Lines. Ex-military people should never watch military-themed films, LOL! Too much to pick on. Especially if one used to fix military jets and the film involves things like the use of ejection seats, aircraft cameras, etc. Suspension of disbelief is key in enjoying a film like this. I had to pull very hard to get my belief suspended. I would think at least the reporting to a senior officer protocol could have been followed (or even attempted!) Sigh. Those kind of errors just leap out and grab you by the throat. But it still held my interest in spite of it all. Maybe I can watch the Count tonight if we live through sparring. Though fellow sparrees are coming for supper after so might get a bit late for a film.

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