Friday, January 13, 2006

Red Belt Class #1

Well, that was fun! Hard work, but great. We ran through the kicks as usual, working on refining technique, also worked on refining stances and hand techniques, pulling step double round-kick, and knife defense #1. Sweaty work and lots of fun.

The sleepover went smoothly last night and we all had fun swimming. The Pool Man had kept a pair of goggles for us that got left last time. Yay! Gogo swam the width of the pool, which is a big deal for him. He's the only one that's nervous about water. The Prawn is completely at home in it. She can tread water, jump for air, swim, whatever. And of course the 2 bigs are fine. Gogo is really making strides - finally gaining some confidence and getting less nervous. Ironically, he's great at floating on his back, which kids are usually most nervous about.

I'm getting hits like crazy from folks Googling the song from the stolen car in Supertroopers (if I put the name here, they'll end up here, and I already linked it in the original post) I'm wondering if Supertroopers is running on HBO or Showtime or something. I also get a ton of Google hits for POTO stuff, but mostly for the whole hand at eye thing. So I put an explanation on that page for weary Googlers as well. I love sitemeter. It's fascinating seeing where folks come from to ogle this blog. :o)

Hi everyone **waves** Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to share an Amazing Insight or 2. :o)


Bok Choi said...

Amazing Insight #1:

When in doubt, SING!!!!!

Candace said...

YESSSS!! Thanks, Bok. ;o)

"But Father, I only want to si--"

"'Ere! None of that!"

Oh, hey She - a B&G woman I talk to used to go see GBS at local pubs before they were famous. (She's from Newfoundland.) I'm jealous. :o)