Thursday, January 26, 2006

National Anti-Blogging Day

Well crap! I went to read all my favourite blogs and not a ONE of them has anything new. Of course, neither did I. . . That's when I realised it was National Anti Blogging Day.

I taught Little Kids Class this morning, taught another Kid Class this evening, did my class and got to spar 3 times tonight. I managed to tap one of the guys on the head just right (round kick.) I don't like to kick too hard to the head, so I often pull the kick just before it hits, but I'd like to get better at tapping it lightly so in tournament it won't be an issue. I won't hit with a spinning hook, though, if I can help it. I don't think there's any good way to dial back the power in that kick, so I always shoot high, over the head. Now, after sitting on the couch for a bit (looking fruitlessly for new blog posts) I'm a bit frozen up. But it was fun. And it made up for Monday when I was teaching a white belt and did basically no kicking myself until sparring.

On the way home, John rented what is quite possibly the suckiest movie on the planet. He didn't make it through very much. Poorly acted, stupid "plot" and just all around lame! It's called "Dirty Love." Now you can avoid it. He wanted something light and silly after that spate of more serious films. Well, this didn't do the trick, LOL! Basically, the plot is: "leathery, bleach-blonde, over-makeup-ed CA ho gets dumped and tries to - something." He didn't get very far, like I said.

Swimming tomorrow. Some friends (our source of bulbs if you read that post) who will be off school are meeting us there and then we're prolly gonna go see their goats. It's supposed to be 46 degress tomorrow. OK!

I hear Navan is doing a belated Burns Night gig tomorrow. Nice! I'd share my slaughtered Burns poem, but it's centered on Beowulf and prolly won't make sense to many people, so I think I'll pass. What time is the Kilt-flipping event? OK, from the sounds of things, I'm gonna stay away from that event. Y'all need to seek out a less geriatric clientele! ;o) I hear there's gonna be a movie that might change your following if you get on the soundtrack. . . (harp, harp, harp - hate me yet? :o) )

Someone told me I should try some Newfie Screech Rum (we had been discussing Great Big Sea) Now John, and maybe Linc cuz he was there, will tell you that rum is very dangerous for me (can you say Rose Bowls at State St. Brats? Looks like the recipe is still a secret. **sigh** ) and should only be used in the privacy of my own home. So I'd love to try it, but will have to lock the doors and windows first. Kind of a Lupin thing, without the fur and fangs. OK, maybe that's not the best analogy. Maybe more like, um, Sadie Frost in Dracula. Maybe I flatter myself. I'm not saying I'm a Sadie Frost, but if you think about her behaviour in the film, maybe you'll understand. Nearly anyone looks charming and attractive to me after a Rose Bowl, and I also get rather, em, desperate. TMI? Sorry.

Well, I've blogged long enough that it's tomorrow, so I, too, have not posted on Anti-Blogging day. Now that's willpower! OK, it was a fluke. Wanna make something of it? Got rum? Say whatever you like if you're bringing rum . . . Off to soak in the tub. Bring me a Rose Bowl and I'll make room for you! :o)


Bok Choi said...

Oh the old black rum's gotta hold on me . . .

Candace said...

Why yes it does! Like a dog wrapped 'round my leg. . .