Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Woo hoo! Blogging from my laptop at the library. The bigs wanted to come volunteer again, and I figured if I brought the laptop, I could procrastinate some more writing. I didn't think there was a wireless network here, but lo and behold, there is!

Last night we watched The Peacemaker which, while well-acted, had a lot of military and technological shortcomings. I found it somewhat entertaining, but failed to see what was unique enough about it for anyone to buy the script. Snotty aren't I? It wasn't the acting or cinematography that fell short, IMO, just the story. Very predicatble, very blasé. Oh well. I've got some more filmmaking notes, anyway, as a result, so it's not wasted time. Tonight it's either Count of Monte Cristo or House of Sand and Fog. I couldn't tell a thing about the latter from the back of the case, but it was free (library) so I figured I'd try it.

Yesterday a man gave candy to my 2 big girls here at the library. Fortunately they were smart enough to not eat it and to tell me right away. He was a grandpa type, so part of me is glad that they thanked him and were polite, but part of me is concerned. :0/ We talked about it and I made sure that they know that they never have to be polite if someone grabs them. They will kick hard and high, or right where counts most. I'm glad they're strong and good kickers from TKD.

Sluggie just showed up with half her face plastered (a la Phantom) in leftover sticker edges from their project and began singing Past the Point of No Return, LOL! Their project was to put instruction stickers on a stack of flyers for a reading program. I guess she put the leftover bits to a creative use. Now I have PONR stuck in my head.

Sheila, I brought one of your brown CDs to the library so they could catalogue it and put it out. The blue one's been here for over a year - maybe close to 2. :o)

Well, I've procrastinated long enough. TTFN!


Elizabeth said...

Oooh, oooh, if it's Count of Monte Cristo, watch for the choreography in it (I think some courtly sorts of things) - that was choreographed by my friend Anna who married the Irish boy and just moved back the the States. I haven't gotten to see it yet (sad friend, me).

Candace said...

Wow! Cool!! Right-O, I'll be watching for that. :o) Excellent! I didn't know there was going to be courtly stuff. (swoons) An Irish boy from the movie or?? Sheila tells me nothing, LOL! Why on Earth would she move back to the States? I hear Ireland is so gorgeous! OK, ok, we do have it made in a lot of things here, but every place else is exotic (or at least semi-exotic) cuz it isn't here, LOL! Got too much of my grandfather's nomadic genes, I think.

I'll tell you how the film is. Bet the Madison library has it. :) The only problem with library DVDs is that they sometimes (OK often) have scratches at crucial moments. Arrrgh! I hope this one doesn't.

Has Sheila talked up POTO to you at all yet? I must infect as many as possible with my love for POTO. It's a sickness, truly, but not one that annoys me. Those around me may be a different story, LOL!