Monday, January 16, 2006

Sniff Sniff

I'm keeping the cold just at bay. I think I'm drowning from drinking all this water. Zicam is good. If I can keep it from getting any worse than this, then whoopee. I was out of fresh ginger for tea, so I ate candied ginger. Dunno if that counts, but sure was yummy and nice on the throat. So far I'm not feeling anything that will impede class or sparring tomorrow. Ha - my life revolves around "will this interfere with my ability to do Tae Kwon Do?" Actually, I'm only half kidding. I seriously took it easy on the sled jumps this year so I wouldn't break myself specifically with class in mind.

Movie Review: House of Sand and Fog
Depressing, disturbing (not in a fun way) and just a general downer. Maybe the book is different. Yes, racism sucks. I think we all knew that. Yes, depressed people who have probs with drugs and alcohol are scary. I think we knew that. Yes, there are some bad cops out there. I think we knew that. Yes, sometimes people on both sides of something can be "right." But what they do about it is a different matter. Yes, sometimes helping people gets you hurt. I think we knew that, but that is certainly not the message I'd want to send to anyone thinking about showing someone a little compassion. So what was the point of this film? I'm not sure. Catharsis for a really depressed writer, perhaps. Ben Kingsley was brilliant, as was Shohreh Aghdashloo, the woman who played his wife. Jennifer Connelly was very convinceng as a messed-up person doing crazy things, and Ron Eldard was very believeable as an originally well-intentioned guy doing wrong things. Well edited, well directed, well acted, but I didn't like the story. The end.

I'm going to be getting a review copy of Louis Sachar's sequel to Holes. I'm excited! I finally got one! Usually after I get the emails and respond that I want one, it's already taken. Woo hoo! My first review. :)

I made Buckeyes again today and they are goooooood! Actually, we made the balls yesterday and dipped them today. Mmmmmm!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Yep, the idea worked and that was good, too. :)


Elizabeth said...

Dang it, me too. I don't have the Zicam going (is that the nose one? Can you stand it?) But I'm downing ginger tea like there's no tomorrow and generally feeling gross.

As for the avoiding-injury-for-something-else-that-can-be-a-source-of-injury' that was me for the combination of dance and Ultimate. I got on a league last summer and tweaked my ankle in June. Played two games, and sat on the sidelines for the rest of the time hoping like crazy that my ankle would heal in time for the start of the Kanopy season in late August. Happily all good, just in time (that took a long time to heal for not being a break!), but I decided not to sign up for the fall league of Ultimate :-)

Candace said...

Yep - the nose one is fine. Don't snort it up cuz it will BUUUUURN! Check out the directions and if you do it that way it's fine! And it really does work! Do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT buy the oral mist. OMG that stuff is SOOOOO bad! The only possible thing it has going for it is that you can blog about how awful it is. :oP

Oooh - that was a close one with the ankle, huh? Yeah, I can understand skipping the Ultimate this time around. :oP It sucks just a little tiny bit to get older. Mostly not though, LOL!

Elizabeth said...

Bah! They don't carry it at Whole Paycheck! (but it was satisfying that she said a lot of people have been asking for it)

I should have hit up the co-op when I did a dresser-searching run-thru of St. Vinnie's.

Candace said...

Bummer! I can't beLIEVE Whole Paycheck doesn't have it! WarMart has it for the cheapest price here. But Willy St. should have it too. CVS - like Walgreens here - has it, so I think mainstream drugstores carry it, but it's more expensive.

Good luck with finding a dresser.:o) Have you tried Freecycle? We got an AWESOME bike for Mollusc that way. We went to pick it up and it was a Trek!! :-O Happiness!

Elizabeth said...

No luck on the dresser yet... maybe craigslist, but not from work alas.