Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Have You Ever Wondered. . .

. . .why you get ANGRY when you stub your toe? (or is that just me?)

. . .what flavour Blue Moon ice cream really is?

. . .what babies or blind people dream about?

. . .if everyone really sees the same colours or if we all have the same names for the unique colours we actually perceive? (e.g. every time we look at something green, if I could see it through your eyes, I'd call it brown, but you've learned to call it green, and if you could see it though my eyes it's what you would call red - wait is that right? Oooh - that's confusing)

. . .if there's stuff in the world that's always there that we just can't see, that would maybe freak us out if we could see it? (kinda like neutrinos)

. . .whether those "breathing underwater" dreams are really a recollection of how it was to breathe in utero? OK, I'm pretty sure mine are. Am I the only one who has breathing underwater dreams?

. . .why the Earth keeps spinning without slowing down? Oh - never mind, I guess it IS slowing down. Interesting.

. . .why you yawn when you see someone else yawn? When I was a kid and consumed with the Hardy Boys books, certain that I would, indeed, be tailed at some point, I decided that yawning was a good way to tell if you were being watched. If the suspect yawned back. . . :o)

. . .if you really ARE being watched?

. . .who invented the semi-colon; the most highly avoided punctuation in the English language? (I'm just guessing about that, actually.)

What do you wonder about?

* * * * *

It's snowing. I guess January got embarrased and decided to assert itself.

Sheila, how was your gig?

I prolly had more to say, but if I did, I've forgotten. . .


Ashira said...

I have breathing underwater dreams too! What is the semi-colon used for? :O|


Candace said...

They're for when you get part of your colon removed and you only have a semi-colon left. HAHAHAHAH!!

OK, seriously here are the rules for semicolons

An English teacher once told me that you can use them where you'd use the word "consequently" or "therefore." I guess that kinda works with rule #1. He later went on to get his 15 mins of fame during the whole pledge of allegiance hoopla. Yep, him. But he was the best teacher I had in High School. Funny dude.

Anonymous said...

I think we get angry when we're hurt in general, not just when we stub our toes. It's a defense mechanism, I'm sure. So when there's something attacking you, causing you pain, you get angry and ready to fight back.

Stubbing one's toe is extra aggravating because you did it yourself.