Friday, January 06, 2006

Through the Wringer and Back Again

Ugh. I checked my Sitemeter right before going to TKD and clicked on one of the referrals (how someone found my site.) Sometimes someone actually links to me, but more often it's a Google search or a "next blog" click from some random site. This one turned out to be truly horrifying - some random click-through from a thoroughly disturbing site, which I immediately flagged and reported to the FBI.
Class was *extremely* strenuous tonight, and I imagined that the bag was the disgusting perp of the site. The top of my left foot is blue and the top of my right foot is red from the coloured spots on the kicking bag. It helped while I was kicking, but I need to stay occupied, so I'm watching Count of Monte Cristo in a few mins, blogging, prolly checking a bunch of humourous threads on another site, etc.

I decided I needed a fire so went out to chop wood (John's sick), too lazy to dress. Whoever invented the splitting maul is a genius, but prolly didn't envision it being used by someone in undies and a POTO T-shirt and Sorels, LOL! Nope - no pic. Sorry. ;o) I didn't stay shivery for long! And now I have a nice fire beginning to blaze. Off to watch my film.


thisismarcus said...

Nice image!! You chopping wood, I mean... not the disgusting click-thru site. Dare I ask, what was it?

Candace said...

Ha ha! Thanks, Marcus. :o) Yeah, I really think those boots worked with the scanty attire - cutting edge fashion for sure! ;o) (Oh geez - I truly didn't intend that pun - must be slipping, LOL!)

The site was by/for ped*philes. I have truly never been more disturbed. Venting has been a little cathartic, but mostly I'm just trying to shove it away in an unused corner of my mind.

Expect much joking and silliness as I attempt to cleanse my brain.