Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ramble, ramble

What a gorgeous day! It ended up in the 50s!!!! Holy stinkin' moly!! Not bad for January in Michigan. I HEART global warming. :o) Actually had the window OPEN driving home from class. (didn't hurt that I was broiling from sparring)

The Prawn is definitely 4. That's when kids hit their morbid phase without fail. Especially girls. I overheard this conversation she was having with a plastic horse:

Horse, I thought I told you not to kill anyone!
(sullen silence)
(taking plastic fish out of Barbie sink)
Horse, I told you not to kill anyone! Now, who did you kill? Oh, a fish. How sad.
(guilty silence)

I used to worry about this kind of stuff when Mollusc turned 4. Now I know better. :oP

The other night Gogo read Prawn and himself to sleep. I think it was Calvin and Hobbes, but it might have been Garfield. Anyway, it was cute, and I should have taken a picture.

Pictures - oh yeah - SHEILA!!!!!! *taps foot impatiently, checks email for 654th time today, taps foot again, folds arms emphatically across chest - ow, bad idea - reverts to tapping foot*

Getting more writing done, which is always good, but inevitably leads to surfing when in a sticky spot. I find the weirdest things when I surf.

We have sleeper-overers tonight. Not sure how much actual sleep will be going on. I wonder at this point whether we'll all be able to get our bums out of bed for swimming in the morning. We shall see. . .

SHEILA! Just in case you forgot during those last few sentences I NEED PICTURES!!!! You SO cannot taunt me with all these visual images and then not provide some sort of pictures. His squeezable cheeks indeed. Wait a minute. . . *gasp* Which ones did you mean? I can't remember whether you specified. Well, I'll take pics of either. Bwahahahaha!!!

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