Sunday, January 22, 2006

FOE, Aliens, and Fiery Hot Nachos

I have a love-hate relationship with FOE. Still not sure whether it's truly friend or foe. Maybe I've mentioned that. (FOE is Fold-Over-Elastic, such as that used in the panty post.) The thing about FOE is that you have to stretch it while you sew. If you don't stretch enough, it'll go all floopy (and for some reason, this won't really be apparent until you finish) and if you stretch it too much, it will be puckery. When I get it right, it's great. And when I don't, well, it's not pretty. Sheila I'll try to get your panties whipped up while my fingers still remember how much to stretch. :oP Then I'll show them to everyone on the net. "Lookit - my sister's underwear!!" Ha! Of course, I've already shown mine, so I guess it's not that great of a taunt.

Last night we watched War of the Worlds. I thought Spielberg did a great job with it. Not too much gore and splash, good story, really creepy aliens - not bad! I'm curious who wrote the script since the original was more like news reporting of the aliens and carnage. I don't recall any dad and kids storyline. (it's been a long time since I read it, though) They did a good job of assimilating the characters into the story, IMO.

I am the girl with no patience. (That's the major contributing factor to my also being the Girl Who Doesn't Read Instructions or Fine Print.) I always, ALWAYS burn my mouth on hot food cuz I can't stand to wait. Hot tea, hot soup, today it was hot nachos. Ow. Not sure whether it was the molten cheese or bubbling salsa - maybe both. Note to self: either get some patience or set the nuker for less time. Of course part of that was brought on by my not having the patience to push all the buttons to give me the exact # of seconds needed for nachos and instead hitting 1 (auto 1 minute cook) a second time with the intention of pulling the stuff out earlier. **rolleyes**

A new story is cooking in my brain, plus another one I keep forgetting to write down, and of course there's the novel. (actually there are 2 but one had to take the back burner) It seems that more often than not, my short stories go longer than I want and my long stories fall short. Maybe I should invent a new in-betweener length. Probably I should just develop some discipline.

A little while ago, Trillian came out meowing ominously and proceeded to yack up a wasabi pea. Eeew. I bet she won't eat one of THOSE again. She's playing happily now. :oP


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should write novellas to combat the awkward story lengths.

My friend told me her cat swallowed a ponytail holder and while trying to hack that up, hacked up some Christmas garland and a hook to one of her bras. She said, "Apparently, my apartment is a regular buffet."

Candace said...

Maybe I should. Does anyone read those? :oP

I had a cat that used to snip about an inch at a time off the ends of Christmas garlands. She wouldn't eat them, Thank Goodness, just kept snipping away, inch by inch. I'm LOL at the buffet comment! :oD